Whether it is a stress response, hidden emotional blocks, physical imbalance in your body's biochemistry (Functional Medicine Nutritional approach) or simply a need for physical support through Reflexology or Therapeutic Massage, it is my focus to help you identify, and understand, what the underlying imbalance/s may be.

I will then recommend a Personalized Food and/or Supplement Programme to assist you with recreating 'Body Balance' to promote Whole Body Healing.

Using my Therapeutic Cooking principles, I create & provide Pathology-based nuritionally designed recipes, to put you back on the road to Recovery.

This includes my ongoing support for as long as we may deem neccessary or apporpriate. As a aresult of my level of Care for my clients' Wellbeing, a high percentage (90-95%) of my business is from repeat business and referrals.